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Bluestone is a top tier choice when creating an outdoor space. Designers, Architects, Contractors, and Homeowners can all agree that it is very appealing because of its color, strength and durability. The low maintenance material attracts a stunning patio for your guests to gather around. If you are using bluestone for your outdoor living space it may get too hot for your feet! We offer some tips to keep cool during the summer days and other alternatives for creating the perfect outdoor space.

Spray down your pavers with a garden hose

A quick solution to the heat of the pavers is by pouring water across the surface throughout the day. Bluestone is water resistant which makes them ideal for a swimming pool deck. The solution to spraying down your pavers is only temporary. If you are looking into a larger investment, you could install a patio misting system to automatically spray throughout the day.

Thermal PA Bluestone From J Iadevaia Landscaping

Create Shade

Creating shady spots around your patio allows you to stay cool while showing off your style. Awnings and umbrellas are great choices. You can also go with a pergola. Its freed-standing design makes it useful almost anywhere in your landscape while providing shade like an awning. Shop Nicolock’s Pergola here.

If you are looking for a more natural choice, then planting trees and shrubs along the perimeter of your pathway or patio is a great approach. Blocking the sun from hitting the pavers will keep them cool all day. There are plenty of ways to decorate your outdoor space. If you’re in need of a professional landscaper, we can recommend some in your area. Contact us here to get started.

Alternative Material

Natural stone is the perfect material for pool patios. If you are interested in the look of Bluestone, but with less harm on your feet, we suggest Limestone. If you’re using a light color, it will be a lot cooler, while natural stone with dark pigment tends to heat up faster with sun. The lighter the color the more light is reflected, and less heat is absorbed. If you are open to a different look, we suggest marble or travertine.

Bottom Line

There are endless possibilities with the versatility of bluestone. They are highly recommended for pools and spas because of their unique color, tone, and texture. Heat control is dictated by how much direct sun it receives and where it is placed in an external area. Light blue will have more heat control but will slowly become hotter depending on the day and area. Regardless of your selection, know that at State Material we provide an extensive inventory for your home design needs. Check out our Bluestone products here.