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Liquid Concrete Color with Chameleon®

Did you know that we offer custom concrete liquid color? A great alternative to pouring a standard concrete colored patio. There Chameleon® is an efficient, accurate and easy-to-use system available for weighing, blending and conveying colors into a ready-mix ® truck. Easy to customizes with over 17,000 color recipe combinations, our machines have raised the standard of colored concrete.

What can you do with Color Concrete?
There are plenty of projects that can look high-end but with less maintenance using color concrete. It can be used to simulate the look of brick, flagstone, or pavers. Some popular projects include designing patios and driveways using stamped concrete. It offers a wide variety of patterns and color choices, plus it’s durable and weather resistant. Colored concrete adds an aesthetic look to these projects and can break up large areas of concrete rather than having a long gray driveway.

Colored Concrete Cleaning
A sealer is very important for keeping your colored concrete driveway or patio intact. We offer Seal King’s Concrete Cure and Seal that is specially formulated from acrylic polymers and fast drying solvents to cure and seal concrete. It can help protect against outside elements, harsh weather conditions, oil, dirt and more. Reseal about every 2 years. Sealing too soon can build up the coating causing you to remove the coating of your sealer and start all over.

Use a gentle cleaner when washing stamped concrete, never a power washer. We Recommend Seal King’s Grease Release and Seal King’s Oil Off.

We are here to help you find that exact color you need. View just some of the concrete colors below or contact us today to tell us about your next project.

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