Our stone fabrication shop on Long Island is able to make precision cuts into stone up to 6” deep. We create shapes that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish, and we finish the face and edges to the clients liking to create unique pieces of stone. We stock slabs of bluestone, limestone, and travertine at varied thicknesses so you have plenty to choose from for your custom piece(s).
If you don’t already have a hardscape professional, we are pleased to connect you with one to complete your dream project. Once a professional is selected, we can work with both of you to get the necessary details for your project. This will help us decide exactly what kind and how much stone is needed.

We offer an extensive inventory in both treads and flagging. You can also bring us material that you bought elsewhere and we can fabricate it to your specifications. Our mason yards provide a great resource to create the perfect stone for your space! You can visit our yard to speak with the fabricator and get a quote for your job.
Once a stone selection is made, our stone fabricator makes a final inspection for stone flaws, including blemishes, seams, and scratches. The slab is laid out to ensure the best appearance of both color and vein texture. Then the necessary cuts are made to create your design.

Once material is selected and inspected, a template is used to arrange on the stone to ensure the best appearance. The recommended material to bring in is corrugated plastic, 1/8” foldable foam insulation, 1/8” wood or masonry board. Make sure your template is the exact dimensions that the finished piece/pieces will be. Please also note which side is the top of the piece, indicate the finish for the edges and face, and if there are more than one piece, please number them in order.

The Process
The stone is cut using either a waterjet machine or straight table saw. The process starts with digitizing templates with our LT-2D3D laser. Next, we prepare the program and select the slab for the cut. Once stone is placed on the waterjet machine, it uses sand, water, and air to pierce through stones up to 6 inches thick. The CNC machine is programmed to determine the size and where cuts need to be made, achieving higher productivity and quality.

There are several edges to choose from for your stone. This includes saw cut, flamed, rock faced, full nose & eased edge. Finishes can be either flamed, honed, or high polish.

What can I do with Custom Stone Fabrication?
We’ve created wonderful pieces to add to a home. Past projects include custom coping, drains, countertops, sills, fire pit tops, wall caps, custom steps, fireplace hearths, and decorative patio inlays. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to stone fabrication. You can add that custom feel to your home.

If we have what you are looking for in stock, feel free to ask for a sample so that you can bring it home and see what the material will look like in your space. We are happy to help.

No appointment necessary. Visit us in store or contact us today to get started!