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Investing in a new patio is an exciting opportunity. But, with so many different paving options available to homeowners today, it can sometimes be overwhelming. So how do you decide which paver is right for you? Here we are going to focus on one of the top paver brands in the industry, Nicolock Paving Stones.


Nicolock Paving Stones

A family-owned-and-operated company for 50 years, Nicolock has been trusted to help homeowners achieve their dream outdoor oasis. Through their paver-shield™ technology, Nicolock has sourced the highest class of raw materials to give every paver the best quality and consistency. Their superior color blending allows strength and beauty that will last for generations. Nicolock offers a large selection of colors, shapes, and textures, satisfying every hardscape need.


Nicolock has strategically placed their manufacturing centers in Maryland, Connecticut and its headquarters on Long Island. They also have Design Centers open to the public. The Long Island outdoor design center is open 24/7, which is certainly convenient when trying to visually see your dream outdoor project. It’s the best place to get an idea of designs, textures, shapes and color. We highly recommend you visit the design center to see the longevity of the color displayed. Nicolock truly embraces the “Buy Local” motto. Whether it’s the design centers or our very own showroom display at every store, they are always close to home.


Nicolock paver-shield™ pavers has the color running through the entire paver. They offer a vibrant look that will last a lifetime. You’ll hear from word of mouth the benefits and how satisfied customers are with the long last color vibrancy. They also have a large variety of colors, textures, and shapes to select from. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect style for your outdoor space.


Nicolock continues to invest in its facilities and provide a large inventory of outdoor products. They have been trusted by homeowners for decades to create an outdoor living space to last a lifetime. Nicolock has stayed ahead with confidence as they introduce trend-setting products for their customers.

Final Say

Ultimately the decision comes down to you and your preferences. Nicolock goes above and beyond against most competitors in the market. If buying local and convenience is something important to you, we would recommend Nicolock Pavers. They take pride in their responsive service, product availability and on-time delivery. At State Material, we offer the full line of Concrete Pavers at all four locations. Making it easier for you to get the job done. View paving stone products here.