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A fire pit is a highly desirable feature to add to any backyard. It’s a natural gathering point and an exciting visual element. When deciding between a round or square fire pit, the choice may be based off functionality and the design flow of your landscape. Of course, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and provide sufficient space while maintaining a close and safe distance for people gathered. To determine the shape and size you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where do you plan to place the fire pit? 
  • Is there enough room to set up furniture for the appropriate number of people that you want around the pit? 
  • Will there be sufficient air flow around and over the fire? 
  • Will it be placed away from flammable materials?

There really is something magical about sitting around a fire pit. Let’s discuss some of the key features when deciding between a round or square fire pit. 

Round Fire Pit: 

Typically, when thinking of a fire pit, most come to mind of a round fire pit in a camp-like setting. It offers a more organic, cozy design, that is generally favored. It also has the advantage of its shape to allow a more open feel and for people to move around naturally. If you have a natural landscape in your backyard, a round fire pit will be a well-suited choice. The round shape encourages more conversation in the open space. You certainly can’t go wrong with this classic look.

Square Fire Pit: 

If you are looking to make your patio more efficient in terms of space, a square fire pit would be a suitable choice for smaller yards. The sleek lines of the square fire pit are more of a modern and formal look for backyard designs. If size isn’t an issue, a square fire pit is still an optimal choice. An advantage compared to a round fire pit, is that you can have larger moveable furniture, like outdoor sofas or benches. From a design perspective, if your current landscape has a walkway or rectangular pool, a square fire pit easily accommodates in those settings.

Best Sellers:  

Serafina Fire Pit (Round)

Nicolock’s Serafina outdoor fire pit is an excellent choice for year-round warmth for your outdoor living space! A charming design choice to compliment Nicolock Paving Stones. The round firepit measures 51 ½ inches round and 18 inches high with the coping. The Serafina fire pit comes in multiple color options. Whether you prefer top selling color, Granite City Blend, or a stately Adobe Blend, the customizable options for fire pit kit will suit any style.

Verona Fire Pit (Square)

Nicolock’s Verona Firepit is a quick and easy install that will add a sleek look to your backyard or patio. The square firepit measures 48 inches square and 18 inches high with the coping. The Verona standard kit comes with a Verona Wall and metal insert. Coping and grates are optional. Choose from popular colors, such as South Bay Blend and Westchester Blend as well as Bluestone for coping options.


SG Grande Fire Pit (Rectangular)

If you are looking for a fire pit that is for larger yards and gatherings but still has a sleek and modern look, rectangular fire pits are an option too! It can provide the perfect complement to a long seating wall or retaining wall. The SG Grande Fire Pit from Nicolock Paving Stones, measure 62 ¼ inches long by 40 inches wide by 24 inches high, allowing for plenty of room for gatherings. Included is a granite tabletop, providing a convenient place for food and drinks. Thirteen Nicolock colors are available, making it easy to match your outdoor theme.

Bottom Line:  

Round, square, or rectangular fire pits offer different forms of practicality. Your ultimate decision may be based on space availability and design elements of your outdoor living space. From a classic cozy feel to a more modern look, at State Material we offer plenty of styles and colors to suit your needs. From a DIY approach or looking for a recommended contractor, we’ve got you covered for all your masonry needs.