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Nicolock pavers offers a wide selection of colors for patios, walkways, retaining walls and more! Traditionally paving stone colors only came in surface-colored concrete pavers. Thanks to Nicolock’s paver-shieldTM technology, vibrant paver colors are produced and saturated through the entire paver, rather than sitting at the surface. This allows rich hues, in a variety of cool and warm neutral tones, to last a lifetime. If you are unsure about which paver color will complement your design, we rounded up Nicolock’s top selling premium colors that you can browse through below! 

1.) Cappuccino Blend 

Choosing the right color for your outdoor living space should be the first step in planning your project. Cappuccino Blend is a combination of earthy browns, and vibrant tans. The subtle color blend is a great option for those wanting to complement a natural landscape setting.  

2.) Chesapeake Blend 

With a strong investment in the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment available, Nicolock produces hardscape products and colors that exceed the standards of the industry. For years to come, you’ll have a “looks like new” enjoyment of your Nicolock pavers. Featured here is premium color Chesapeake Blend, a blended mix of Travertina and Pewter. You can see and feel the rich artisan color and solid quality of pavers in your own yard.

3.) Granite City Blend 

Why is Granite City Blend a top-selling color? When it comes to color blending, no one does it like Nicolock. This is a two-color blend of Pewter and Charcoal, creating a smooth, ultra-dense surface with a rich, vibrant color that will last for generations. Accentuate a seating area or design a pattern that makes your space stand out.

4.) Graphite Pearl Blend 

If you’re looking for a color in the grey family, then Graphite Pearl Blend, a rich mixture of white, Pewter, and Raven, is a great option. Only Nicolock makes Graphite Pearl Blend and is proud to offer the most vibrant colors in the industry and ensuring that the color always stays as vibrant as the day it is installed. Graphite Pearl Blend is perfect for retaining walls, poolscapes, walkways, patios and more. 

5.) Oceanic Blue  

Ridge Brick pavers are a fantastic way to highlight any space with traditional style. To add more vibrance, Oceanic Blue is a great color for creating your outdoor space and to serve as a backdrop for family memories. A tranquil blend of pewter, light stormy blue, and white. 

6.) Pennsylvania Blue

Pennsylvania Blue blend brings the calmness of the ocean to your own backyard. It’s a deep blue resembling the natural color of Pennsylvania bluestone. Guaranteeing years of like-new beauty, the paver is complemented by a Travertina border that perfectly complements this walkway. Add a cozy fire pit to increase your entertaining capabilities!  

7.) South Bay Blend 

South Bay Blend is a top-selling premium color because it is incredibly versatile, with blends of gray, white, and tan guaranteed to complement any home. Featured here are Alpine Contemporary pavers in South Bay Blend. The paver-shieldTM technology offers surface protection and rich color throughout the pavers. 

8.) Travertina 

The superior color blending means the finished project will have variegated tones, not defined blotches. Nicolock has minimized the risk for bad installation with their proprietary manufacturing technology and unmatched color blending. The Serafina fire pit is featured here with premium color Travertina. A two-tone blend of coral and white.  

9.) Westchester Blend 

Add sophisticated style to any residential or commercial outdoor space with this charming color. The Westchester Blend is a three-color blend containing Pewter, Charcoal and Chamois accents. With so many options available, you can find the size, texture and color of paving stones to fit any outdoor space.

Final Say 

Nicolock gives you the flexibility to create a unique outdoor living space. Infused from top to bottom with uniformly blended artisan colors, each durable paver-shield™ paver has a tight, smooth, ultra-dense surface that is backed by our lifetime transferable warranty. From rustic to contemporary, there is a color palette to complement every home. Need inspiration for that elegant front entry or backyard paradise? Browse all Nicolock products here. Use this time to start planning your outdoor dream space! Visit any State Material store to request a sample or place an order.