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Where to Start

At State Material Mason Supply we proudly offer waterjet stone cutting to create any shape or size you may need. The most asked question is “where do I start?” and the answer to that is templates! Templates can be made of a variety of materials, but we do prefer templates be made of 1/8th inch to 1/4th inch pink panther home foam insulation or the generic form of it offered by Home Depot or Lowes (usually its either white, green, or blue). Once you have gathered the templating material, it is important to then cut the material to the desired shape. By creating a template ensures that we know exactly what you need to get the job done. 

Mark your Templates

When you come in with your template(s), there are some things you can write on them that make things easier. They should be numbered and the exposed edges that you require should be listed, include what the desired material is as well as your name and phone number. An address for the job can be helpful if you need delivery. A sales person from the front desk will greet you and go over the templates to make sure everything is listed and labeled appropriately for our designer. Some questions to expect from us would be if the template is perfect or needs adjusting, we know that templating (especially large jobs) is hard work and sometimes need more digital altering. Another question could be if you want the edges to be perpendicular, or 90 degrees to hopefully eliminate future cuts on the job.  

Cost and Lead Time

After the templates are submitted to the design department, they will be reviewed, digitized, quoted and we will call you with the price for the job and a timeframe for completion. Sometimes there may be a need for a second meeting at the office or a jobsite meeting to lay the templates one more time to ensure precision cuts. The goal is always to provide a shape that is applicable to the job. The cutting stage takes about 3 days to a week depending on shop schedule, material availability, and quantity of pieces needed for the job. Be sure to plan a few weeks ahead of when you need the material so that you wont have to wait for the final pieces to finish your job.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

Whether it’s one stone or 50 pieces needed for your job, State Material is here for all of your custom stone needs and to answer all your fabricating questions along the way. The rule of thumb is that templates are always welcome, and so are drawings of the strait cut items such as countertops, or drains. Any reference is a start to something fantastic to be created from the many stones we offer at our 4 yards.