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Do you have a new patio to protect and enhance, or an older patio that you would like to revive? Using a Sealer will help you do just that and more! We are going to break down the steps that you need to take to accomplish sealing your patio. 

Cleaning Your Pavers

First begin by cleaning your surface. You can call a professional or you may use a power washer on a soft setting to wash off any dirt or debris. For spot treatments we carry many products that can help you get those tough stains out. Before using any chemicals for stains- try using clear dish soap and a soft bristle brush in circular motions. For any rust or oil stains we carry Seal King’s Rust Remover and Oil-Off for those small spot treatments. 


Polymeric Sand Application

If you are planning to apply polymeric sand, be sure to power wash between the joints. This is to remove all the existing sand and debris. Make sure to let the surface dry completely for at least 2 warm days before applying the sand. Pour the sand on to the surface, use a broom to spread. Further, you can take it a step further with a compactor to vibrate the sand particles deep into the joints. Blow excess sand off the pavers then gently spray the surface with water on low pressure. Let the pavers completely dry again for 2 warm days before sealing. This ensures the moisture has thoroughly escaped from the polymeric sand and pavers. 


Spray or Roll On Sealer

Finally, to seal your pavers you must have the proper supplies for the application you decide to use. You can use any kind of sprayer to spray on, or use a paint roller to roll it on. The application is completely up to the individual. Both applications are effective. Prep the area by blowing off any debris again and use plastic or cardboard to cover any plant material from overspray. Make sure there is no rain in the forecast as you need the surface to remain dry during and after application. Apply the sealer starting from the furthest corner of the patio, spray or roll evenly in a continuous motion. After applying it in the same direction, it is recommended to apply a second coat in the opposite direction for optimal coverage.  

Wait 24-48 hours to let your surface completely dry and enjoy your gorgeous patio!