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Fall is in the air and winter is right around the corner!

There are many ways to extend outdoor living into the colder months, create a cozy firepit area, add a kitchen island, or simply add a heater to enjoy the space you already have! There are so many ways to continue the fun such as inviting family or friends over to watch fall sports, grill some food, and enjoy your yard that you worked so hard to create.  

Adding a fire pit can provide you with warmth and a wonderful place to gather.

State Material has everything you need to heat things up this season. The Serafina Fire Pit can be incorporated onto an existing patio or can be installed on the lawn or in a gravel area. One pallet of Serafina Wall is all you need to create one fire pit. The pallet comes with 60 pieces that yield a perfect circle shape fire pit 4 courses high with just 15 pieces to a course. This can be a DIY project or of course you can hire a professional to do the install, either way you will be very happy you decided to add the Serafina to your space.


Don’t want a permanent fire pit? No problem!

Introducing the LUME, with three styles to choose from, you can use the Lume as a standalone unit or you can even drop it into the Serafina fire pit as an insert! The LUME is a 100% Commercial-Grade Stainless steel smoke-less wood fire pit and is specifically designed to burn more efficiently and emit less smoke. The great thing about this lightweight fire pit is that it can be moved around to different spots in your yard or you can even take it with you on a camping trip! 

Outdoor kitchens can be used year round

If you are serious about extending outdoor living into the colder months consider adding a kitchen island to your space. The Verona Grill Island Deluxe kit includes everything you will need to cook gourmet meals, including stainless steel cooking grates, a warming rack, and a drip pan, as well as illuminated control knobs, a 14” x 20” single access door, and granite top covers. You can select from 13 gorgeous colors. 



Heaters are a great solution too

Lastly, if you are happy with your backyard set up and just wish you could enjoy it throughout the cold months, you can add outdoor heaters. We are now carrying heaters that can be mounted to or on a stand. This is the quickest and most efficient way to heat things up this winter. A heater can be a great investment because not only will you use it throughout the winter, but it is also great for every season! Summer nights can be chilly as well so you will be sure to get a ton of use out of a heater all year long! 



Stop by one of our locations to get started extending outdoor living

It is never too late to upgrade your outdoor living game, don’t let the weather stop you from spending time outdoors with family and friends. Firepits, Kitchen Islands, and heaters are just a few ways to create comfort this season so that you can extend your living to the outdoors and guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime.