Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Stone continues to provide the production of the finest quality and selection of products for their customers. In short, a wide variety of textures and palettes are easily available to you. Resulting in a authentic look that is unique and subtle as natural stone.

Manufactured or cultured stone products are adaptable and lightweight. Most importantly, it’s a solution for heavier materials like natural stone. Developing a concrete mix (lightweight aggregates) to simulate the color and texture of natural stone. Its weight reduction, consistently flat application surfaces, corner pieces and specially designed accessories allows for more flexibility and easy installation.

Premier Manufacturer

As a premier manufacturer of stone veneer, Boulder Creek Stone ensures the manufacturing process consumes fewer resources and generates less waste. About 75% of the products are comprised of recycled materials. Further more, their value in excellence offers some the best selection of products.

When deciding which stone product is right for your project, we recommend finding a shape that appeals most to you first. The stone veneer can be installed inside or outdoors. After that, you can explore the wide range of color options. Boulder Creek Stone has been perfectly designing to emulate the natural stones from which their inspiration derived from. For instance, top sellers like western ledge stak, is a groutless pattern. Giving a rough western feel. On the other hand, prairie bluff is a natural, rectangular stone with a weathered texture. You can make a huge visual impact with accessories on your project. The line of Boulder Creek accessories includes electrical outlets, light fixtures, windows, walls and more. In addition, accessories comes in color selections complimentary to every stone product available. Get a head start on your next design by shopping our top sellers below!

Featured Boulder Creek Products

Fast Stak™ Jaffa Beige

Montana Ledge Leather Brown

Ohio Rubble Smokey Hollow

Prairie Bluff Navajo

Western Ledge Stak® Lasino