Tools & Supplies


State Material carries a wide assortment of tools for the Masonry, Concrete and Stucco trades.

Masonry: Trowels, levels, jointers, chisels, Nylon line, hammers, brushes, rulers…
Concrete: Floats, screeds, trowels, edger, spreaders…
Stucco: Rubber floats, hawks, trowels, darbies, sponges, brushes…

Our State Material showrooms include a number of hand tools for the professional mason, concrete finisher, paver contractor, landscaper or the do-it-yourself homeowner.  We can special order any tool imaginable.

Hand Tools
  • Trowels, Sponges, Floats, Grout Bags, Grout Stop
  • Brooms, Brushes, Shovels, Levels
  • Kneepads, Gloves, Dust Masks, Ear Plugs
  • Marking Paint, Spray Adhesive, Rope, Twine
  • Concrete Nails, Screws, Landscape Spikes, Turf Nails, Turf Staples
  • Masonry Diamond Saw Blades, 4” to 14”
  • Hammers, Picks, Mattocks
  • Pencils, Crayons, China Markers
Power Tools . . . 


Since 1980, State Material Mason Supply has been providing superior customer service, an extensive selection of quality products, and competitive prices. Stop by one of our four locations!

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We inventory a large selection of Nicolock pavers and retaining walls.