Stucco Products

Stucco is a durable finish for exterior walls, usually composed of cement, sand,and lime. It is applied while wet and can be tinted with a wide variety of color packs to provide the perfect look for your home. It has been very popular in the United States for many decades. This material can protect your home, but can also be used for many other applications including fireplaces, retaining walls, columns and mouldings. Some of the advantages of stucco include:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Durable (will usually outlast the life of your home)
  • Allows for air infiltration to keep your home fresh and comfortable
  • Provides a barrier to termites and woodpeckers
  • Does not burn – provides fire protection for your home
  • Can be easily repaired


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We inventory a large selection of Nicolock pavers and retaining walls.